Women’s Empowerment


How can we foster women’s role in the society ?

Daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and sisters are essential pillars in any society. Paying so much attention to the female sector will help the society to make a great uplift in different domains. The more awareness we provide about women’s empowerment and their rights, the more prosperous society we become. Hence,  influencers should draw a road map that enables them to have enabled and responsible women in the society.

Firstly, the education field is a pivotal step to start empowering women from an early age. This mainly occurs through awarding outstanding female students.  This award can be presented through providing either local or international scholarships in the fields where they are originative. Feeling that they are incubated by their society will encourage them to create and produce high levels of material and moral productions. In addition, Assigning a special funding for schools’ expenses can facilitate the access of poor girls to schools or even universities. In this case, we dramatically encourage girls to go to school and decrease the illiteracy rate among females.

Moreover, women can be successfully directed in the economic field. In other words, teaching women the main technical methods for a felicitous business will highly foster them to manufacture creatively different products such as clothes, accessories, food recipes.  However, the society cannot offer a good job opportunity without providing a good salary. Suitable salaries and bonuses can enable women to feel more responsible of a position where they are in. Appreciating their economic plans, thoughts, and suggestions will definitely enhance their belonging to the association and seeking to the success of all.

In reference to the women’s rights in the Islamic religion, we can specify religious sessions that inform men and women how the religion empowers women in the society away from racism or unneeded traditions that oppress women more and more. As long as the religion is highly connected to the social life, we can increase the awareness of different sectors of a society for the women’s rights based on the Quran verses and related quotes of the prophet (pbuh).  This suggestion is mentioned because of men’s misunderstanding of the Islamic religious principles related to women and their important position in the society. For instance, men usually repeat,” women should only fight against pots and pans in the kitchen, and no more no less” therefor we should work to eradicate this conception as much as possible.

Women can also be empowered through participating in diverse workshops that try to meet their needs as much as possible in different domains. For instance, non-working women can start a small project, such as handmade embroidery. In collaboration with interested associations or markets, we can provide a special vocational training so that women can create their own products which can be sold and get income to those women.

Empowering women can be presented through stopping the pandemic violence against them. The society should stand against any aggressive attitudes related to women through focusing on the legal punishment to those who dare to commit crimes against their female relatives.

Enabling women to meet successful international women can enhance the opportunity to be acquainted with the ways these inspirational women follow to be in such a social position. Creating an ideal example will charge women with a positive energy that allows them to create in an attractive style in the field they like.

No one can deny their importance in our life. They are everything; “they hold the sky” and once they decide to leave it, we are in a real plight.


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