ALWATAN Center organizes different developmental programs in various fields, which target all segments of the Palestinian society, especially the young men and women.

Our major purpose is to make further efforts to raise information and cultural awareness in the different sectors of society. For instance, the Center provides Civic Education, Non-Violence, Communications Skills, Conflict Resolution, Active listening, Negotiating Art and Training for leadership development.

In this context, ALWATAN center works at the grassroots level on the principles of nonviolence for real social change. It also takes into consideration the policies introduced to aid the most vulnerable sectors of society as women, children and young people as well. In this regard, the Center also conducts several fruitful meetings among local and international youth groups so as to give them a chance to participate in making decisions related to either political, social, or cultural issues. In the same way, ALWATAN organizes summer peace camps, group discussions and civic education courses. The center is mainly concerned with society’s young people and every single issue related to women chiefly violence against women and their significant integration in the society.

ALWATAN also provides a Club for Reading and a Portable library that encourage our visitors and volunteers to get and read books and pamphlets anytime. Furthermore, We at ALWATAN Center have a documentation department, in which interested parties can conduct field studies and researches. They can also publish books related to Palestine and its situation. We also work on decreasing the illiteracy rate among Palestinians as much as possible to develop an affinity for education among the different segments of the Palestinian society.


one of “ALWATAN youths” program episodes which was presented by the media students of ALWATAN Center.

احدى حلقات برنامج (شباب الوطن) من طلبة الإعلام في مركز الوطـن