We Need Their Minds

Steven Jobs said, “It’s illogical to employ intelligent people and tell them what to do”. Once we occupy a certain position in a company, we think we are able to guide other employees the way we like regardless if it suits their abilities or not.

We are always the best initiators in posting on different vacancy job sites “we are hiring”. We precisely pinpoint so many related and unrelated requirements for those who want to occupy a position. Having a minimum BA degree, 1 to 2 years of experience, promptitude and brilliance, and most importantly staying up-to-date with developments are the pivotal qualifications, which must be taken into account by the interested applicants. Having excellent skills and Creativity in different domains are not less important than the basic requirements.

Once we start receiving applicants with their CVs, we play a role of the selective employers who are looking for the one and only. After conducting some investigations and discussions, we finally found the lost cornerstone of sustainable progress of our company. We decide to employ him\her and benefit from his\her abilities. However, what happens is very different from what we were dreaming. Since the job description related to this position was inciting to creativity more than anything else was, the applicant drew a rosy life in his mind that enabled him to think he is now able to unleash his potential and put his own mark.

In the first day, the employer gives his instructions to the employee focusing on the principal tasks that should be done as soon as possible. In this regard, the employee starts achieving the accumulated works in his own manner. Unfortunately, his work is rewarded by rejection, since he did not follow the traditional way the manager used to.

Creativity is an essential demand. However, it is noticeably marginalized. Whenever employees start producing authentic creative work away from copying, pasting, or plagiarizing, managers feel like they are not in the comfort zone. WHY? It could be related to the matter of mistrust, that is, the manager cannot believe in the employee’s neither abilities, nor skills. He is already convinced that he is a know-it-all person and has a superior vision towards things, for he has had a wide experience of 10 years for example!

“You don’t need to do so, you can Google it and get an inclusive overview and copy it. It’s that simple”. What?! As long as your employees can depend on their own and have the ability to create, do not try to block their minds. We are in an urgent need to the way they think and the angle from which they look at things. Our young people are full of positive energy and optimistic attitudes. All what they need is your motivation and support away from suppressing their needs to inspire. Being an inspiring leader can charge employees with that hyperactive spirit that can tirelessly produce, enhance their belonging to the company and work for the success of all.

If leaders seek for local and global success and prosperity, they must efficiently work on the internal environment. Workers, their notions and their opinions should be regarded as managers’ top priorities. In this context, focusing on their own capabilities can underpin their company’s competitive advantage. If you do not wise up of being a stimulating leader, you do not need to ask for unique competent employees.


December 3, 2017.


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