ALWATAN Center was visited by Ms. Dzouyi Konanga, a staff member of the United Nations Development Programme UNDP as part of a mapping exercise they are doing with Birzeit University, Swiss Peace and Palthink, to identify Civil Society Organizations, networks and individuals working on activities related to Palestinian reconciliation.

The Center facilitated meetings with members, activists and leaders of different Palestinian political factions including Hamas and Fatah, leaders of the marginalized communities, the Bedouin leaders of the region of Hebron and the cave dwellers.

Discussions were inclusive, participatory and genuine among all parties calling for reconciliation particularly between Fatah and Hamas

Consortium of Independent Palestinians delegation visiting ALWATAN Center

Consortium of Independent Palestinians delegation visited ALWATAN Center, in which they discussed the fields of cooperation and joint work between the consortium and ALWATAN Center. Consultent Nayef Hashlamoun, prisedent of ALWATAN Center, welcomed the the visiting delegation giving a a description of the origin and development of the center and …

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ALWATAN Center in collaboration with e-campus University and Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University organizing the 2nd International Women’s Congress

ALWATAN Center for Culture and Media, in collaboration with e-campus University and Ankara Yildirim Beyazit  University, announces an invitation to attend the 2nd International Women’s Congress on May 9-11 2018 Como, Italy. The Italian University contacted AlWATAN Center as an agent to cooperate with the first to collect people from …

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Alwatan center efforts

Fortunately, and after the initiative of ALWATAN Center lead by Consultant and Headmaster, Nayef Hashlamoun and his commendable endeavors to communicate with the various parties and officials to put an end for the dispute between Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry(HCCI) and Federation of Leather Industries; the dispute has been …

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FORWARD THINKING British Organization visits ALWATAN Center

FORWARD THINKING British Organization visited ALWATAN Center to discuss the joint programs that they are currently working on and future cooperation issues in Palestine. The meeting was very fruitful and full of positive discussion topics that will be more clarified later on. The delegate was fascinated by ALWATAN Center’s different …

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Happy International Women’s Day

Thursday, 8th of March 2018. ALWATAN WOMEN HANDWORKS ALWATAN Center is working on developing a hand-work center in Khirbet Ghwain, Sourif, and Hebron by which it encourages women to make embroidery, crochet, and handwork. The center welcomes any interested women in villages and the city of Hebron itself to participate …

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ALWATAN Center Honors Colonel Maher Abu al-Halaweh

Thursday, 8th of March 2018 Yesterday, 7th of March 2018, ALWATAN Center’s president , Nayef al-Hashlamoun, and its’ supporters visit and honor the Colonel Maher Abu al-Halaweh for the promotion he got to become the Vice President of Defense Security Directorate of Hebron Governorate, and for his efforts in supporting Civil …

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ALWATAN Center meets with Al-Umma Research Center in Amman

March, 4th Sunday ALWATAN Center’s President, Nayef Hashlamoun, meets with AL-Umma Research Center  in Amman to discuss further possible joint work opportunities. The meeting included a variety of fruitful discussions regarding conducting shared workshops, courses and trainings between both centers. The meeting consists of : Nayef Hashlamoun, Dr-Mervat Abadi along …

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ALWATAN Honors Prof. Sameer Abu Zneid

  ALWATAN Center’s delegation visits Professor Sameer Abu Zneid, ALWATAN Center’s Board of Trustees’ member  and the dean of Finance and Administration Department at Hebron University , to congratulate and honor him for being the first one in Palestine who becomes a professor in Business Administration. ALWATAN Center’s delegation includes: …

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ALWATAN Center President during Bridging The future Women’s perspective Conference

To be up to date with all developments related to the issues which ALWATAN Center deal with, Nayef Al Hashlamoun, the president of ALWATAN center, participated in a European tour to attend an international conference, Bridging The Future Women’s Perspective, which took place in e-CAMPUS University in Como,Italy. The tour …

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We Need Their Minds

Steven Jobs said, “It’s illogical to employ intelligent people and tell them what to do”. Once we occupy a certain position in a company, we think we are able to guide other employees the way we like regardless if it suits their abilities or not. We are always the best …

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