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In our quest to end violence and injustice, ALWATAN Center depends on the support of the individuals and the concerned organizations like yours. Your financial aid and donations enable us to pursue our mission and  programs in Palestine. We rely on donations in order to finance our activities.

Making a contribution can help us continue to promote nonviolence, peace, justice and democracy in Palestine and throughout the world.

To make an online donation by credit card, click here.

You may also send us personal checks by email (please do not send cash). Make checks payable to “ALWATAN Center”.


PO Box 158

Ein Sarah street

ALWATAN building

Hebron, West Bank, Palestine

Jawwal: +970-599-289-289 ”

For more information, please contact our office in Hebron, Palestine:

Phone: +970-599-289-289

Phone: +970-2-222-3777



Ein Sarah street, Ein Khairedin

ALWATAN building P.O.Box 158 .

Hebron, West Bank, Palestine

Jawwal: +970-599-289-289

Phone: +970-2-222-3777