To be up to date with all developments related to the issues which ALWATAN Center deal with, Nayef Al Hashlamoun, the president of ALWATAN center, participated in a European tour to attend an international conference, Bridging The Future Women’s Perspective, which took place in e-CAMPUS University in Como,Italy. The tour includes visiting Italy,  Holland, Switzerland, and Turkey. So many issues had been discussed in the conference by the president of ALWATAN Center. Moreover,  a distinguished  group  of ambassadors and rights activists
Human Rights, Information and Law, Ministries and Institutions participated in this conference.

During the Congress, Bridging the future Women’s perspective, in Italy Como with H.E. Shaikha Fadia Rector Imad Abukishek, Reem Abu Hassan, Iman Negm, Rector Enzo.