ALWATAN which means “ Homeland” in Arabic, is an independent, non-profit organization locates in Palestine.  Media, Nonviolence and Development are the basic principles underlying the work of ALWATAN Center Institute.  The institute was founded in Hebron on August 1988 to encourage people to lend a hand in shaping the future along these lines. With various projects, workshops, training and educational programs, we make a unique contribution to the promotion of democracy, the rule of youth and a social market economy. we serve all individuals and groups interested in nonviolent action for resolving conflicts and building a civic society. In addition, it is dedicated to providing and disseminating information to the public about particular cases of need in order to foster greater public unity awareness, development and support.

Since ALWATAN center strongly adheres to the principle of the popular resistant and nonviolence and its power as a method to achieve justice and peace for all, the center therefore aspires to provide the suitable resources to build and develop a peaceful democratic Palestinian state, based on justice and the rule of law. This effort has been implemented to preempt the various attempts that have been practiced to deny the existence of a national identity of the Palestinian people.

ALWATAN Center seeks to empower the community to address the growth of local and global  challenges through mobilizing the strengths and resources of the community and create real opportunities for the future.


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