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We Need Their Minds

Steven Jobs said, “It’s illogical to employ intelligent people and tell them what to do”. Once we occupy a certain position in a company, we think we are able to guide other employees the way we like regardless if it suits their abilities or not. We are always the best …

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Women’s Empowerment

    How can we foster women’s role in the society ? Daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and sisters are essential pillars in any society. Paying so much attention to the female sector will help the society to make a great uplift in different domains. The more awareness we provide about women’s …

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What Do We Know About Ghwein al-Fawqa

Khirbet Ghwein al-Fawqa is located on a hill overlooking the borders of Hebron in the West Bank, Palestine. It has a population of 120 Palestinians. It is clearly visible that the residents of this remote village live a very primitive difficult life in ancient caves and do not even have the …

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