ALWATAN Center seeks, through creative education, to provide a means by which these people can come to interpret their circumstances in a global context, to understand the principles of nonviolence and the civil society, become aware of support systems for peace that exist around the world and to become proactive initiators of peace in their own hearts, as well as in their communities.

In order to implement these programs, ALWATAN provides and facilitates:-

• Academic and Vocational courses

• Workshops

• Public seminars

• Roundtable discussions

• Summer camps

• Nonviolent direct action campaigns



Previous Workshops

ALWATAN Center in the past has facilitated a number of workshops focused on conflict resolution, personal and social transformation and creative nonviolence.

Some of the topics covered in previous workshops have included:

• Victims of Violence and Cycles of Violence and Revenge;

• Principles and Practices of Active Nonviolence and

• Using Nonviolence as a Tool for Community Building and Positive Social Change.

Our workshops have allowed for active involvement by the participants who have been encouraged to share their own personal experiences with violence and then examine ways to deal with its effects in their own lives, the lives of their families, their neighborhoods, their communities and their nation. Role-play, active listening and mapping exercises have also been used to introduce the principles of non-violence and to contrast them with daily interactions to which the participants are regularly exposed. These instruments along with active discussion, help participants develop strategies for nonviolent change both on a personal as well as a community level.